Riki Blanco was born in Barcelona, 1978 and is currently based in Madrid.

He is been working in illustration, animation and communication for the Press since 2000. His work has been published in USA, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, South Korea, China, and Russia. Throughout his career he has published more than 30 books. Apart from this, he was invited to join La Massana Arts & Design School where he taught illustration for eight years. He regularly gives courses and lectures.

He is currently exploring new directions in artistic expression . He has started writing, directing and performing his own shows, where experimental poetry and comedy go hand in hand. The show include songs from the music band 'Paladar Chicago', and are composed by himself and Nico Roig.


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Photo: Silvia Grav

Some of his clients include: 

The New Yorker, US 
The New York Times, US 
Wall St Journal, US 
Forbes, US 
Hollywood reporter, US 
Oprah magazine, US
5280 magazine, US
Middlebury magazine, US
Atlanta magazine, US
Boston Globe magazine, US
Whisky advocate, US
Organic Life, US 
Newsweek, US 
The Village Voice, US 
Variety, US 
Whisky advocate, US                              American Interest, US

Corporate Knights, US
Cigar aficionado, US
Hogg Foundation, US                                L'OBS, France
Philosophie, France                            Liberation, France 
Les Echos, France   
Maif, France 
Le Courier, France  
Wired, UK
Jot Down, Spain
La Vanguardia, Spain
20 minutos, Spain
El Español, Spain
El País, Spain   
El Mundo, Spain  


El economista, Spain
Altair, Spain
Omnium, Spain
La marea, Spain
Volata, Spain
Paramount Comedy, Spain
Discovery Chanel, US
TV3, Spain
Soho Rep Theater, US
CDN Theater, Spain
L’Auditori de Barcelona, Spain
El Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Spain
Ron Barceló, Spain
LZF lamps, Spain
La Moda, music band.
Mastretta, musician.
Spank me Rosy, music band                      



He's been awarded, among others, with The International Prize of  Interactive Animated Book in Spanish Paula Benavides (México), the second prize in the Premio Nacional de Ilustración (Spain). He is also been selected several times in Communications Arts (US), Society Of Illustrators (US), The Society of Publication Designers (US)Premis Junceda (Spain), the White Ravens (Germany), Banco del Libro (Venezuela), Gretel (Spain) and Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez (Spain).

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